NIA warns motorists without valid insurance

Nigerian Insurers Association (NIA), the umbrella body of all insurance companies in the country, has warned motorists without valid insurance cover to note that driving without genuine insurance is illegal.

The association therefore encouraged motorists to visit to verify the genuineness of their motor insurance policy online, pointing out that if any vehicle is not on the Nigerian Insurance Industry Database (NIID) portal, the vehicle is not insured.

Explaining that the NIID portal is the only central record of all insured vehicles in Nigeria, the NIA added that as one of the most important tools to ensure that only insured vehicles are driven on the nation’s roads, the website is used by the police and other agencies to enforce motor insurance law.

Once a motor insurance policy has been arranged by a licensed insurance company, the NIA assured that the details of such an insurance policy will be reflected on the website within 24 hours.

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To verify the status of any motor vehicle insurance policy, NIA informed that motorists only need to send SMS to 33125 in this format: Policy Number*Vehicle Plate Number or log on to and click on “Check Policy”.

In case any motor insurance policy is not found on the website, the NIA advised the affected motorist to contact either their insurer or the association.

Should any motorist have any issue on his insurance contract, the NIA further advised that the affected motorist should send his complaints as a text message to 08030400804 or 07011784884.

Alternatively, the association added that motorists with any grievance can send email to:; and

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The NIA also disclosed that while only the status of motor insurance policy can be verified on the website at present, the association is working on other modules to make is easy for the insuring public to verify the genuineness of all insurance contracts arranged in the country.

The NIID, an initiative of the NIA officially launched in June 2012, is an information technology-based system to facilitate easy collation and dissemination of statistical and other information relating to insurance while helping to check activities of fake documents.

With a mobile device, a product of the NIID, it is now easy for law enforcement agencies and relevant authorised persons to identify genuine insurance documents.

It is hopped that the effort will assist in checking the activities of fake insurance operators in the country.

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