End of road for suspects at robbery scene hours after

A gang of robbers who attacked a man driving a truck loaded with goods and his conductor at Okokomaiko area of Lagos are now telling the Abba Kyari-led Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Lagos State Police Command all they knew about robbery activities in the area.

Aliu Abubakar,Anas Mohammed and Ali Adamu

The suspects are Anas Mohammed, Ali Adamu and Aliu Abubakar. They were arrested when a team of policemen from Okokomaiko Police Division swooped on them last Wednesday and they have been transferred to SARS headquarters for further investigation.

Lagos State Police Command public relations officer, Ken Nwosu, a deputy superintendent of police, confirmed the arrest, saying it was a case of armed robbery and unlawful possession of arms and ammunition.

According to him, one fabricated pistol, two live cartridges and three cutlasses were recovered from the suspects.
It was gathered that they stormed Cassidy Bus Stop at Okokomaiko while armed with dangerous weapons and attacked the driver of a truck while he was discharging goods in the early hours of the day.
“They accosted him with arms while he was offloading oranges, robbed him and his conductors of phones and money; N27,000 was collected. They were about five in number,” a police said.
The attack was said to have taken place at s about 5am. Hours later, the driver and the owner of the goods
visited the scene. There, the driver) sighted Aliu Abubakar and recognised him instantly as one of the men that attacked him a few hours ago. The raised the alarm that he was one of those that robbed him.

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Police were quickly alerted, and Abubakar was arrested, which also led to the arrest of Mohammed at his home in Okokomaiko. When the other gang members heard that Abubakar had been arrested, they went into hiding. During interrogation, the suspects mentioned Adamu  as the receiver of the stolen items. Adamu was arrested within the Okokomaiko axis too.
Investigation showed that Abubakar had been to prison in 2012 for robbery.

Confessing his involvement, Abubakar,  22, an indigene of Katsina State, born in Okokomaiko, said, “My  work is picking and selling scrap metals from waste dumps  at Alaba Rago. I would buy with between N500 to  N700 and sell per kilo. A kilo is N750. Police arrested me because five of us robbed a driver and conductor at Cassidy Bus Stop, Okokomaiko; it was two weeks ago. We went with one gun and two cutlasses.

“We have carried out this type of operation like 10 times. Among us are Soburere, Mohammed, Tunde and myself. Police have never arrested us before, but I was arrested by Okokomaiko police, transferred
to SARS, and charged to court.

“I was remanded in Kirikiri minimum prison for a year and three months. They said I was one of the two people that dragged and stole bag from a lady in a commercial bus. They were two in number that did it. I was not among. One was arrested and one escaped. I was arrested because they knew they were my friends.

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“Sometimes, I share N3,000, and sometimes I get phones after robbery operation. I have once received
N12,000. In one of the operations, I received two phones. Soburere is the one that carries the gun, and I hold a cutlass. I usually sell my stolen phones to Ali. I have sold phones to him up to five times. At times I sold phones for N2,000.

“I  am not married. I live at 11, Asiawu Street, PPL, Okokomaiko. That is where my father lives. I don’t have a house of my own. The injury I had in my hands was as a result of burns while I was seven years old at my mother’s family house in Ajegunle. My mother is in Katsina now but my dad is in Okokomaiko.”
Mohammed, 20 years old, on his part, said, “I am from Kaduna State. I am a butcher at Odo-Eran, Ojo Military
Cantonment (Mammy Market). I am single and I live at 18, Doris Igedayo Street, Okokomaiko.

“I earn N700 from butchering job, but not every day depending on how business is. I was at home when police came with Abubakar to arrest me. They asked Abubakar about his gang members, and he mentioned me. I have only gone out for robbery with the gang two times. For the robbery attack on the driver and conductor, I did not participate. I was arrested on Sunday morning.

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“The two robberies I participated in were at the same Cassidy Bus Stop.  We robbed a man of N15,000 and one handset. The second operation, we collected two phones and N8,000 from a  man. We were five that carried out the two operations. In the first, each of us received N3,000. In the second operation, they did not give me money but they gave me one Nokia phone.

“It was the devil that made me to leave butcher work for armed robbery. It was Soburere that introduced me to armed robbery.”
In his confession, Ali Adamu said, “I am almost 30 years old. I am from Mubi, Adamawa State. I am a butcher at the Mammy Market, Ojo Military  Cantonment. l earn between  N1,500 and N3,000.

“I am not an armed robber, but a receiver of stolen goods. They used to bring handsets to me to buy and I would resell to some of our members in the market. It was only Ali that brought handsets for me to buy. He deals in metal scrap, the handset he sells to us are stolen handsets.

“I  bought a Nokia for N2,000, Tecno N1,500, I have forgotten how much I bought the other three because it has been a long time since. I sold the phones to people that are travelling to Adamawa. One of them is Ali, I sold two phones to him. I sold Tecno to one Joshua. The remaining phones, I was
using them, but they have stolen two from me.”