Corrupt People Must Return Their Loots –Nwosu

Rev. Nwosu

Rev. Nwosu

People have always been calling for prayers for President Buhari and his government. As a prophet do you foresee any danger for the President and the nation?

God said the thought of men are not His thought. His ways are not their ways. I do not see any danger for Mr. President in the next four years. He will enjoy the cooperation of Nigerians in the next four years. He will not have much problems. But he needs prayers of all Nigerians, because he is the father of the whole nation of over 200 million people. Nigerians are different people with diverse views. Buhari needs the prayers of all to succeed. The way he is taking his time is good. But we have to pray that he starts well and ends well. The nation will also be in safe hands during his period. We are all praying for him. We are asking God to do this for us.

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah recently advised President Muhammadu Buhari not to focus on probes, but on his development programmes. How would you react to this advice?

If President Buhari fails to fight corruption, it means the All Progressives Congress (APC) as a party will lose. We see Buhari as an epitome of integrity. God hates evil. In the scripture Zaccheus, in repentance, returned his loots. That is restitution. The only way Buhari will be respected is if he carries out the anti-graft war. He will lose his integrity if he fails to do so. In his military days, he tried to restore sanity in the land, including drug peddling. The people who looted the money meant for development were wicked. Nigerians want these money returned. The money meant for roads, education, hospitals, power, etc, were squandered by people who we thought were representing us. Buhari has to recover these monies from these scammers in government. We want the nation’s economy to bounce back. The CBN officials were recently arraigned for fraudulent practices. I don’t agree with Bishop Kukah. Buhari met empty treasury and we need the money
for development. We need to stop people from looting the nation’s treasury. If we drop the war against corruption, that means that Buhari is now encouraging corruption. Buhari should not accept Kukah’s advice. Kukah should man the pulpit and from there preach righteousness.

Immediately after Bishop Kukah’s advice, the Sultan of Sokoto, Saad Abubakar 111, urged President Buhari to indeed go ahead with his war on corruption and probe corrupt officials. What do you think motivated the Sultan to make the statement, which people see as an indirect response to that of Kukah?

Yes. He advised Buhari to fight the war. We have not seen the war yet. Maybe he is being careful not to punish the wrong people. I agree with the Sultan because Nigeria has to be emancipated. We need to deal with the evil in the land. God wants the emancipation of the land. That is why there is law. The law does not allow criminals to walk freely on the streets. Some people steal with guns. Some steal with biros, some with their positions. We need to purge the nation and the man to do it is Buhari. He campaigned with it.

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What is your view on the Anti-Corruption Committee set up by  the president recently?

I don’t believe in committees. Many of them are not committed to do the right things. We have seen a lot of committees in previous administrations. We saw some committees, which did not serve the purposes they were set up for. We want to do away with corruption. So, this committee should give Buhari proper advice that will help us recover looted funds.  They should put in place laws that should deal with corruption. So, we need of their expertise in this war against corruption so that Nigeria will be sanctified. That is how they can be seen as men who hate evil. We need their expertise to ensure that the looted funds are recovered.

Soon it will be 100 days of President Buhari’s administration. What would you say are his major achievements so far?

It is too early to give credit or discredit. May be he is still putting things together. But, we have seen some changes in the leadership of some parastatals. This may help to unveil the activities of the past administrations. He has undertaken some travels too. But, electricity is still not functioning. Boko Haram is still attacking Nigerians. We have heard that the Nigeria Air Force bombed Sambisa forest, but suicide bombers are still attacking. I believe that we should hold him on his words. He has four years to go. We are still observing. May be after the 100 days, he would have put things together, ready to launch out.

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How would you react to the December deadline given by President Buhari for the end of Boko Haram and the three months he gave to the military to flush the sect out?

The Service Chiefs were in the military during the previous administration. They have always been there since Boko Haram started in 2009. They have been controlling one garrison or the other. There is nothing new in the new Service Chiefs. They were trained to ensure that Nigeria is secure. May be the personality and motivation of Buhari will do some magic now. Let us see if they can redeem the image of the military after the past failures. We will be excited when Boko Haram stops to kill our brothers in the North East. The soldiers should be working with purpose and remember their covenant. I hope with the encouragement being given to them by the Buhari administration in form of better equipment, we shall see a change. The military had been very docile. Let them plan well and strategise. They should be given enough time. The three months is not enough. Government should not be broadcasting everything to the public. The military should plan well and stop
fire brigade actions or else, Boko Haram will run over them again.

As a religious leader, what advice would you offer to the administration?

Buhari has not been there, except as a military Head of State long ago. That is why he is taking things step by step. But he should carry people along. Let him be  a good supervisor. He must try and look at things very well before taking decisions. That is how he can make the difference. Let him be the people’s president. Let him run a people-oriented administration. Nigerians are there for him and are ready to give him support. When God wants to save a nation, he gives them a good leader and the people will smile. When they sin, God gives them a bad leader and they will cry. We need a change in this nation.

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