The Real Celebrity Cougars

The movie Lagos Cougar became an instant hit when it was dropped two years ago. It was a romantic drama directed by Desmond Elliot. The film revolves around the lives of three corporate women, Elsie, Aret and Joke in their quest to find love and explore their fantasies which is mostly having fun with younger men. 

Real Celebrity Cougars

Real Celebrity Cougars

The word Cougar actually refers to a species of wild cat, family to the Leopard. But in the western world, it colloquially refers to older ladies who prefer the company of younger men. They often trade gifts and money for affection, attention and sex from these young lovers. Though the movie is purely a work of fiction, there are actually some Nigerian celebrities who indulge in dating younger men, some even marry them.

There is actually nothing wrong with this act. Besides, many men do the same. A particular Nigerian royal recently just married an 18 years old lady. Like they say, ‘what a man can do, a woman can do better’. We also have heard tales of a particular lawmaker who is known for her escapades with young male actors.

This is a list of popular Nigerian female celebrities and their love life with younger men. 

Shan George

Shan George has come a long way as an actress, a mother and a wife. She started acting years ago and has made her mark as a good actress, no doubt. One aspect of her life that has enjoyed constant spotlight from the press and public alike is the issue of her relationships. Though her most celebrated relationship remains the one with Okey Bakassi.

Today, Shan’s love life seem to always be in the news. She is seen as a serial cougar. She is said to move from one younger lover to another. She does seem to like her men younger. Barely a year after breaking up with her last younger lover, 30yr old Akin Jaiyesinmi, Shan George, was quickly linked to another young hunk named Presley Harcourts. Many have condemned Shan for the allegations but truth be told, it’s her life and she should not be judged for her decision. 

Ann Njemanze 

Nollywood actress, Ann Njemanze was a movie sensation in the 90s while she was married to popular actor, Segun Arinze. After their divorce, Njemanze went under the radar, but surfaced again a few years ago. Today, she is still very much in circulation as she stars in Tinsel and some new movies. 

She got married to Silver Ojieson, in 2013, and she admitted that he is in fact  five years younger than she is. The actress has a teenage daughter from her previous marriage to Arinze. From stories though, the marriage is very much over tough there is no official statement to that effect.


Celebrity dancer, Kafayat Shafauaka has been around for a long while. The first person she was linked to was one of her client and good friend, Rugged Man. There however seem to be no proof of any hanky panky between them. But there was a Lebanese whom she was always spotted with, but she had soon burnt that bridge as well.

Today she is married to P-square’s dancer, Joseph ‘Pappy J’ Ameh. Kaffy is eight years older than him. Yes, a full eight years. But with Kaffy and her  rigorous fitness regime you might never know. The two are still happily married with two children, a boy and a girl.

Deola Art Alade

Popular musician, Darey Art Alade probably started off as a boy toy to Deola Ayeni, an entrepreneur. But not long after they eventually married.  Deola is eight years older than her husband. Darey has been asked numerous times about the age gap, and he kept reiterating that age is but a number. The couple are heading for their 10th annivasery and are blessed with two beautiful children.

Lola Omotayo

From Stories, Lola Omotayo was outlawed from the Okoye family for a long time. Though very much in love with the super musician Peter Okoye, his family could not get over the age difference between the two.

Lola Omotayo has been on the receiving end of people’s criticism ever since her relationship with Psquare’s Peter Okoye was made public. Omotayo is said to be at least six years older than the singer whom she has been dating for many years. The couple however got married two years ago. They have two children together, Cameron and Aliona.

Toyin Aimaku

Toyin Aimakhu got married to the love of her life, actor Adeniyi Johnson. She is much older than Adeniyi, but Adeniyi says he has always been attracted to older ladies. Well, the marriage is now in shambles. Adeniyi had been publicly begging Toyin to come back.

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