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Sports Administrators Should Be Enterprising – Onigbinde

Adegboye Onigbinde, former coach of the Super Eagles has called on Nigerian sports administrators to be more enterprising. He made the call against the backdrop of the poor financial situation facing sports in the country.

The former FIFA and CAF technical instructor, who threw the challenge while speaking to Independent, said that sports generally have gone beyond entertainment and challenged the current managers to explore areas of generating funds for the games in the country.

“Nigeria is too big to cry for money for its sports; the administrators should dig deep,” he said on Wednesday, adding, “they should be enterprising and look for what they are not doing well. Spending millions on frivolities and coming to complain will not help.”

He pointed out: “Now we are hoping to do well at the Olympics; do you think it can come easy. Is there a viable marketing department in the sports ministry? Who is driving the department to look for brands for various sports?

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“These are the questions we have to answer before we think of generating money. All over the world, sports are now avenues to make money and create employments. With good intention, other support industries can come up.

“But we are not taking advantage of that. Even if we have good developmental policies, there must be a viable inflow of finance for it to work,” he said.