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FOREX: ‘Concrete Raod Now Cheaper’

With the fall in the value of naira and cement prices, it is now about 20 percent cheaper to use cement for road construction in Nigeria, the Dangote Group has said.

Speaking to newsmen in his office in Abuja, Executive Director Stakeholder Management and Corporate Communication, Engr Mansur Ahmed said it was time Nigeria switches over to rigid pavement.

“Based on the current cost of imported asphalt and given the high rate of foreign exchange and given the fact that we are bringing cement prices down, we have established beyond reasonable doubt that for the same length of road and for the same terrain, a concrete road today will cost anything between 15 and 20 percent lower than the equivalent cost of an asphalt road,“ he said.

Engr Mansur said it is just that in Nigeria we are so used to normal asphalt.

He expressed optimism that in the next two years most raod construction workers will opt for concrete roads.

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He said concrete road is far more durable than asphalt; while concrete road can last for more than 50 years, asphalt may last for up to 20 years only.

He added that concrete roads are easier to maintain.

He said the durability of Concrete roads will allow governments to use their funds for other projects rather than re- awarding contracts for dilapidated roads.

Only recently the Dangote Cement constructed a 24KM concrete road at Ibese in Ogun State where Dangote Cement plant is located.