Conduct Local Govt Elections Now, PDP Youths Tell el-Rufai


Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir el-Rufa’i, has been challenged to conduct election into the local government councils in the state.

Making the call yesterday, the Kaduna State PDP Youth Patriotic Front asked the governor to respect the laws of the state which declares that there shall be election into the local councils.

The demand of the PDP youth group is coming on the heels of growing opposition to the administration of el-Rufai in the state.

The All Progressive Congress (APC), which is the ruling party in Kaduna State, has come under severe criticisms recently by stakeholders including the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Joining in the fray for a better deal for the people, the Kaduna State PDP Youth Patriotic Front, challenged the APC government in the state, under the leadership of Nasir el-Rufai to live up to his electoral promises; top of which is “the conduct of Local Government Councils elections in the 23 LGAs of the state, within the first three months of his administration”.

Speaking to journalists in the state during a press conference at the State Secretariat of the PDP in Kaduna, the President of Kaduna State PDP Youth Patriotic Front, Comrade Danjuma Bello Sarki noted that, “under the law, if general elections into Local Government Councils cannot hold before the expiration of their term, the Kaduna State Independent Electoral Commission, KDSEICOM is required to prepare a detailed report to that effect for the consideration and deliberation of the House of Assembly, if satisfied will advice the Governor to issue an order extending the tenure of the elected Local Government Councils for ninety (90) days to allow for elections”.

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“If general elections could still not hold within the said ninety (90) days, the Governor may extend the period to another ninety (90) days which shall be so extended to concurrently run with the ninety (90) days’ Notice of election in the state preparatory to the conduct of the general elections”.

“By the law, from the date of the expiration of the tenure of the elected Local Government Councils, only a maximum of One Hundred and Eighty (180) days extension is allowed, after which Local Government Councils general elections must hold”.

“Therefore, from 02/12/2014 when the tenure of the last elected local government councils in Kaduna state expired to date, the 180 days within which to issue the mandatory ninety (90) days Notice of election and to conduct general elections in local government councils in Kaduna state has since been exhausted”.

The Group further stated that; “despite these, the el-Rufai administration and the Kaduna state Independent Electoral Commission KDSEICOM, intentionally refused to issue the 90 days’ Notice of election preparatory to the conduct of the general elections into the 23LGAs in Kaduna state, in violation of the law”.

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“Instead, he decided to send a “Bill” for a law to amend Section 14 (3) (a) (c) (d) of the Local Government Administration Law, 2012 to the House of Assembly which was hastily amended and passed as the Local Government Administration (Amended) Law, 2016 which increased

the tenure for the Interim Management Committee from the three (3) months, to six (6) months, with an option of extension for another six (6) months”.

“This is intended to continue to deny the people their inalienable rights to choose their leaders democratically. This is inconsistent with the provisions of the Kaduna state Local Government Law No 11 of 2012, therefore, it is illegal, undemocratic, null and void”, the statement read.

Comrade Danjuma Sarki, in a chat with Independent Newspaper disclosed that the unconstitutionality and illegality of the appointment and inauguration of Transition Councils, Interim Management Committees, Caretaker Committees, Sole Administrators or names and nomenclatures used to describe them as against democratically elected councils, has

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been settled in our constitutional jurisprudence Section 1 (2) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999.

Tasked on the next move by the Kaduna State PDP Youth Patriotic Front if their demands are not met, Mr. Danjuma Bello Sarki said; “when we reach that bridge, we will cross it”.

Pressed for comments as to the continued silence of the leaders/elders of the PDP in the state, YPF President assured that; “the elders of the party are not silent but organizing for the repositioning of the party (PDP) in the state”, disclosing that “very soon, the PDP would hold its congresses”.

According to him, “it is quite unfortunate that the current Deputy Governor, Arc. Barnabas Bala who was a vocal advocate of Local Government autonomy with a record of sponsoring a Bill on Local Government autonomy when he was a member of the Federal House of Representatives, has suddenly become cold and a direct accomplice in the brutal subjugation and enslavement of Local Government in Kaduna state”.

“It is very evident that the APC government in Kaduna State is terribly afraid of conducting local government council elections because the embarrassing defeat that will befall it shall be monumental and a disgrace hence the frivolous excuses they keep giving”.

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