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Tenure Extension For Sheriff Will Kill PDP – BOT Warns


Any attempt to extend the tenure of Ali Modu-Sheriff as National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the entire National Working Committee (NWC) members will ultimately lead to the death of the opposition party and put paid to its attempt at resuscitation.

The warning was handed down yesterday by the Board of Trustees of the party in a statement issued by the Acting Chairman of the PDP BOT, Dr Walid Jibrin.

The three months extension given to the PDP NWC members within which it should conduct the congresses and convention of the party, and quit, expires on May 21, 2016.

While the countdown to May 21 goes on, series of stakeholders within the party have been paying solidarity visits on the Chairman, urging him to stay in office and rebuild the party.

The South West Caucus of the party have also plainly expressed their support for the retention of the party’s chairmanship in the North, with open support for Ali Modu-Sheriff to emerge as the National Chairman of the party at the forthcoming May 21 National Convention.

The position of the South West caucus runs contrary to the agreement among the party critical institutions which insisted that the zoning arrangements in the party must be strictly adhered to with the party chairman expected to come from the South, while the party’s Presidential candidate comes from the North.

Sensing trouble with the glaring attempts to do away with the agreed reformation plans, the Board of Trustees raised the alarm yesterday, warning that any such attempt will lead to disaster of unimaginable magnitude.

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Walid Jibrin who signed the statement on behalf of the BOT warned Modu-Sheriff to refuse to dance to the tunes being sang to his hearing and save himself from the impending embarrassment and the collapse of the party.

As a check on the impending crisis, the BOT announced that its meeting will hold next week with the aim of knowing how far the NWC under Modu-Sheriff has gone in its planning of the congresses and convention which is to bring on board a new set of party leaders.

His words; “I want to offer some advice to PDP National chairman Senator Modu Sherif on the consequences of the evil machinations of praise singers and prophets of doom on the unanimous approval of the PDP Governor’s Forum; National Caucus; BOT: and the NEC terminating his tenure and that of the NWC on the 21” of May 2016.

“The above responsible bodies have approved that the tenure of the national officers will end immediately after the convention when the new officers are duly elected.

“The present NWC received an overwhelming ovation and admiration at the meeting of the national caucus, BOT and NEC by overlooking their 2017 tenure in support of the three months approval of the respected organs of the party, which should strictly be complied with.

“Instead of listening to the praise singers, Modu Sherif should follow the path of honour and integrity by simply taking a bow in May 2016 after the national convention.

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“The recent courtesy calls to the national chairman and the presentations being made especially calling him to continue beyond the stipulated three months tenure is an invitation to trouble, anarchy and the return of impunity in PDP.

“May I also strongly warn on the dangers of not adhering to the recommendations of Senator Ike Ekweremadu’s post election Review Committee (2015) that the party should seek its 2019 presidential candidate from the NORTH of Nigeria to compensate for the obvious violation of the zoning arrangement in the 2011 election which led to a major apathy against the party in the North from 2011 culminating in the poor performance of the party in 2015 elections.

“The National Caucus, BOT, and NEC have already approved this recommendation by unanimously zoning 2019 Presidency to the North. To change this decision now is a further invitation to impunity, lack of party democracy, non-adherence to party zoning principles, influence of ‘god-fatherism’, lack of respect for the decision of constituted party organs, self-imposition, and killing the PDP.

“Anyone who tries to reverse this position by changing it with another position will ever remain an enemy to the North, a mercenary and killer of PDP.

“The BOT strongly advises Modu-Sherif to respect his oath and acceptance of the powerful organs of the PDP that he will stay for only three months, and allow his name to be written in Gold by honourably leaving the scene in May after the convention.

“Any group or individuals who are planning to destroy the party will not succeed as PDP is built on bedrock and to break it is difficult.

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“All members of the party must unite not to allow themselves to be bought by anyone and not to be tempted with anything to divide and rule us.

“All PDP members must be ready to cooperate to say final bye-bye to impunity, lack of internal democracy, god-fatherism and naked exhibition of man’s inhumanity to man by man. BOT shall resist any move by anybody to destroy the good foundation set by our founding fathers and mothers and shall remain the conscience of the party.

“However, for benefit of doubt and since Senator Modu Sherif has never come out to accept or reject the call for any tenure elongation, I strongly advise the chairman to come out with very clear statement exonerating himself from such devilish plans and maintain his stand on the three months given him by NEC. If he does that, his honour and integrity will be more respected and will remain in the PDP record book of achievers.

“The above submission is done based on the powers given to BOT in our party constitution Part ix Section 32 5(a) (b) (c) (g) and 6.

“The BOT intends to meet next week to further strengthen its position in total support of the last decision of Caucus, BOT, and NEC.

“The other items in the agenda are membership of BOT sub-committees and to be briefed by the national chairman on the approved congresses and convention committees, of finance, zoning and reconciliation.