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Bakare To Buhari Set Up Restructuring Commission

Pastor Tunde Bakare, the General Overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly, has said that unless there is urgent reconfiguration of the country’s lopsided structure, Nigeria may find it difficult to realise its full potentials.

To this end, he has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to set up a commission that will be saddled with the responsibility of looking for ways through which Nigeria can be restructured.

The cleric made this known in Lagos while delivering a state of the nation broadcast to mark the 27th anniversary of the church.

Speaking on the theme” Championing The Cause for a New Nigeria”, Bakare, a former Vice-presidential candidate under the defunct Congress for Progressives Change (CPC) noted that time has come for government to take steps towards restructuring Nigeria as this would help to address some of the imbalances that had plagued the nations over the years.

According to him, the recent global upheaval which has led to mounting economic pressures and political quagmire in the country had made it imperative for governments to consider the need to address the framework of states.

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He said the framework which had created limitations for the states to harness their full potential both economically and otherwise need to be looked into especially in the face of economic challenges confronting us as a nation.

X- raying the challenges confronting the nation in recent time and the approach adopted by past leaders, the pastor stated that it is necessary for leaders to address the nation’s fundamental issues stressing that the country requires a revolutionary move that transcend politics and policies to achieve it.

While blaming the country’s economic woes on poor leadership and defective structure, he said countries such as Australia and Singapore were able to withstand financial crisis during the 2008 economic recession because there were concerted efforts to plug regulatory leakages which came in handy in meeting future challenges.

Suggesting ways forward towards achieving a new Nigeria, the cleric said there is the need for underlying issues such as value reconfiguration, institutionalisation, structural reconfiguration and creation of a new constitutional order to be brought to the fore as these factors remain the means to become a cutting edge nation.

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He also urged the Buhari led administration to set in motion a presidential commission that would be saddled with the responsibility of helping in the task of reintegration, rebuilding and reconciliation of the country.

“It is obvious to all that there is a new sheriff in town and that this is not an era of business as usual. Now, all that is required to give Nigeria a national rebirth is the political will of a president who enjoys a great deal of respect from the Nigerian people, including those who do not support him”.

“The president may exercise this political will by creating a novel institution – a Presidential Commission for National Reconciliation, Reintegration and Restructuring comprised of a team of highly respected national influencers of high moral standing and unquestionable integrity, and having bridge-building antecedents”.

“This commission should be mandated to work closely with stakeholders and power blocs as well as legislative houses to create a new national identity for the Nigerian people; promote forgiveness and reconciliation among contentious interest groups in Nigeria; foster the integration of the diverse sectional groups in Nigeria into true nationhood; facilitate the creation of an acceptable functional governmental structure for Nigeria; and midwife a process of constitutional rebirth that will culminate in a referendum by which the people will adopt a new constitution” he said.

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He pointed out that even though several generations of leaders had come at one point with promises to lay foundation for a new Nigeria, the actualization of such dreams had remained mere impossibility or hoax because several fundamental flaws underlies the existence and essence of the country called Nigeria.

” Without structural changes, a new Nigeria cannot be delivered. The cause for a New Nigeria requires far more than mere reforms and amendment. We need to address what is fundamentally wrong with the very essence of the country called Nigeria. This is because all these inadequacies are being manifested in the framework of states, institutional devaluation and government incapacitation to fulfil some of its promises”.