NNPC To Adopt Three-Way Approach For Steady Fuel Supply – Group Executive Director

To ensure steady supply of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) fuel products in the country, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Group Executive Director (Commercial and Investments), Dr. Babatunde Adeniran, on Sunday, declared that the corporation would adopt a three way approach.

The three prong approach, he said, includes mass importation of petroleum products into the country as soon as the winter period in Europe was over, the supply of crude to the country’s refineries in Warri, Port Hcourt and Kaduna as well as reviving the strategic storage tanks and the NNPC tank farms that would absolved imported fuel as soon as the refineries come on stream.

Dr. Adeniran who fielded questions from newsmen in Benin shortly after visiting some petrol stations in Edo state to ascertain the impart of fuel shortage in the state sai: “This period we are going through is not peculiar to Nigeria alone.

“Generally, refineries in Europe and America are changing their configurations and at this period of change, turn out of products will be low and as soon as we have this summer configurations which is very peculiar to Nigerian needs, you will see that products will start coming in”

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“That was why the Hon. Minister of State for Petroleum said that by the first week of April, things will start normalizing. Bear it in mid that it takes about two weeks, 14 or 16 days to bring in products all the way from Europe to Nigeria.

“So, even if all the configurations take place today and production is more than what we used to see last month or two months ago; when we have winter period, it will still take some few days before we can bring in products. But definitely, arrangements have been put in place and products are coming in.

“By the time we get to the middle of the month, all these problems would have gone.

“We are not stopping there.

“The refineries are coming on stream, now we are able to supply crude oil to Port-Harcourt, Warri refineries and making efforts to ensuring that we start pushing crude to Kaduna refinery. To push crude oil from Warri to Kaduna will take about ten days, but as soon as the crude gets there, the system they will start producing products.

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“Apart from these things that I have mentioned, plans are also in place to make sure that products supplied will not suffer setback because we have good period during the summer and as soon as we enter the winter period again, we will be having some problems.

“We are also planning against the coming winter period and what we are planning to do is to have strategic storage tanks off-shore and on land.

“The NNPC tank farms that are not working again will be revived, the pipelines to all these places would be revived so that when our refineries started working, if we have supplies from off-shore, we will just put the products into them so that if there is any shortage, we have a buffer from these strategic storage”

He appealed to those vandalizing pipelines t desisted from doing so, saying that “all things we are talking today would not have been there at all” adding that Nigerians should learn how to preserve amenities put in place for their use.

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He appealed to Nigerians to be patient with the government as everything was done be done to normalize the situation.

“This is a situation that I would say is not palatable…it is not something that we enjoyed but as long as we are trying to make sure that things normalized, we need the assistance of all Nigerians to stop the nefarious act of pipeline vandalizing and other evil vices”, he said.

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