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Our Institution Remains Uniosun, Not BIU – Varsity Students Insist

Bamidele Moses

The leadership of the students of the Osun State University, Osogbo has reiterated that the name of the University is still in tact and admonished the state broadcasting corporation, OSBC to stop spreading falsehood.

This was contained in the students’ letter to the station through its Director General. A copy of the letter was made available to press in Osogbo, the state capital this afternoon and

It was jointly signed by Abubakar Abdulbasit O., the coordinator of the students committee on the subject matter as well as Adesina Jacob, Oyesiji Sheriff and Ajilore Sheriff.

The said letter was tilted: RENAMING OF OSUN STATE UNIVERSITY, OSOGBO AND OFFENSIVE BROADCAST: A REJOINDER. It reads in part: “On behalf of the entire students across the six campuses of the Osun State University, Osogbo, we use this medium, Sir, to register our great and combined displeasure at the one-sided broadcast of your station on the controversial renaming of our University. This renaming in honour of Chief Bola Ige and other politicians was announced by the state Governor, Mr. Rauf Aregbesola at the convocation ceremony held at the institution’s main campus, Osogbo on the 9th of March, 2016 and had since been kicked against.

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“Therefore, we consider series of your contemporaneous transmits in which you referred to our esteemed institution as Bola Ige University unmerited and offensive. Because, without hesitation, the change of name is not welcomed by us and many others whose interest is the growth of our institution and not it’s continued dilapidation.

“As an agent of socialization operating under stipulated ethics built on fairness and objectivity, we believe that your station should at least be fair to us, if it cannot be objective on this matter and desist from spreading offensive messages which are in totality provocative. With a thunderous emphasis, the name of our university remains Osun State University and as one of the strong institutions in the state, we wish to inform you herein that there is no going back on our resistance to the needless change of name.

“While our annoyance is not directed at the individuals whom the Governor intends to immortalize, we are opposed not only to the renaming but also to the disquieting manner in which the announcement was made. Even though we understand the provisions of the law that established Osun State University and the power granted to Mr. Governor therein, we emphasize here reasons for which we are perplexed by the announcement: Lack of proper consultations with stakeholders; gigantic cost of implementations; loss of identity; flagrant disregard of due process of Law amongst others.

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“Sir, just as we had earlier pointed out in our letter (dated 24th, of March 2016) to the State House of Assembly, we wish to inform you that the arrangement by the Governor if put into effect will drain the state of much needed funds. The cost of effecting the change of name is not only astronomical and enormous but also cumbersome and burdensome. Virtually every property of the school bearing the inscription of the present name will be affected. This includes the website, the school buildings in their various locations, the students’ and staff identity cards, the signposts and signboards, documents, vehicles, even to the lecterns in the classes and the list is not exhaustive.

“Bear in mind too Sir, our University is a creation of statute. The extant law is the Osun State University Law 2006. The Act provides for the establishment, incorporation and administration of the University among others. It clearly states that the state shall have a University with the name Osun State University and it shall have six campuses spread within the state. The names of the campuses are also provided for under the law. With this, it is not difficult to understand that the name announced by the Governor is unknown to the laws of the land which is far-off above everyone in the state including the governor himself.

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“Just as we emphatically and unambiguously reject the renaming of our institution and its campuses, we will do everything possible within the armpit of the law to have same reversed and it is our expectation that your station will review its position and henceforth take appropriate step to do things in less provocative manner. While we thank you for your time and anticipated understanding, we hope for a fair coverage of the lingering issues.