Five-Year Old Girl Undertakes Surgery Due To Circumcision Complications

A five-year old girl in Warri, Delta State (name withheld) on Wednesday undergone surgery at the Central Hospital, Warri, on account of complication arising from circumcision (female genital mutilation) performed on her when she was a baby.

A close family source who spoke on condition of anonymity revealed that the mother of the circumcised girl recently noticed that the clitoris which was cut off during circumcision started swelling and was emitting foul odour.

On visiting a doctor for examination, a surgery was recommended for the little girl.

When asked why the mother allowed her daughter to be circumcised, our source revealed that the mother of the girl initially refused the circumcision but when her husband’s family mounted pressure on her, she succumbed.

Another concerned housewife however expressed sadness that this was happening despite current awareness and sensitization carried out by NGOs and Government agencies on the dangers of female genital mutilation.