Women Compete With Men In ‘Fuel Racketeering’

By Staff Reporter

The persisting fuel scarcity in the country has brought out the truism in the saying that ‘What a man can do, a woman can do better.’

Women who previously restricted their activities to the home front have not only liberated themselves from domestic chores, but are presently giving men stiff competition in areas previously dominated by males.

One of such is in the area of black market sale of petrol.

Black market sale of petrol is regarded as an exclusively male venture because of the stress and the risk involved in the illegitimate trade. It took energy and strength to survive the nitty-gritty involved in it. Right from the point of purchase of the product at the petrol station to the stage of delivery to the end users, the process is not only rigorous, but energy sapping.

Due to its illegality, the black marketers are always at alert in anticipation of the security and task-force agents who are always running after them and can suddenly storm at any point in time.

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Whether at the point of purchasing the products or along the road where they are marketed, the black market operators are at the mercy of the task force.

However, investigations revealed that women no longer mind the harsh conditions of black marketing of fuel and its attendant consequences.

Our correspondent observed that many of the women that ventured into the business are mothers.

Independent recalled that recently, three women were sentenced to prison by an Abuja Grade 1 Area court for hawking fuel along Abuja Zuba expressway. They were charged for constituting public nuisance.

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