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Dalung Is A ’Toothless Bull Dog’ Says Gara-Gombe

Following his earlier promise to clean Nigerian sports and rid it of corrupt officials, Solomon Dalung, Minister of Sports, has come under heavy criticism for ‘not living up to his words’.

Shuiabu Gara Gombe, former Gombe State FA Chairman, has slammed the minister for what he (Gombe) called ‘barking empty threats’ to bring corrupt officials and administrators to justice.

Speaking to Brila FM on Thursday, Gombe expressed concern that the minister has virtually became Minister of Football and that he was doing very little across aboard with other sports with the Olympic Games just 120 days to go.

“The minister is only birking. You remember, this is the same person when he first came into office, he said with everything under the sun; he is going to fight corruption.

“He promised that heads will roll and that he is going to step on toes but he has done none of these. And I believe he might have compromised because before football there are many other problems we have in sports especially now that is an Olympic year.

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“So is it football that is the only sports we have in this country that the minister is trying to waste our time on or show where his interest is? So there is nothing he can do,” he said.