Fuel Scarcity: Obstruct Traffic, Face Mobil Court, Lagos Warns Motorists


As fuel scarcity worsens and vehicle queues takeover Lagos roads, the State Government has vowed to shut petrol stations that fail to ensure their queue up orderly to get fuel, even as vehicles that stray outside the queue would be impounded and their owners fined.

Mr Steve Ayorinde, Commissioner for Information and Strategy and Dr Dayo Mobereola, Commissioner for Transportation respectively handed down the warning at a joint news conference in Alausa on Wednesday.

Mobereola said the new regulation was expected to bring sanity to the roads even as concerted efforts were being made by the Federal Government to find a lasting solution to the lingering fuel scarcity.

According to him, the filling stations have a responsibility to ensure that vehicle queues at their stations were managed appropriately. He added that mobile courts would be used to try erring motorists.

“The problem in the last few days has been one of traffic blockage caused by fuel dispensation and as a result of that, the state has been almost at a standstill.

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“The ease of making traffic very easy should be the responsibility of everybody from the state to the filling stations and the users,” Mobereola said.


On his part, Ayorinde said that the manner in which the filling stations were administering the sale of fuel was no longer acceptable and warned that indiscriminate queues that block traffic and easy flow of movement in the state are no longer allowed.

“Wherever this happens, we will have to deal decisively with erring filling stations according to the law,” he warned.

Meanwhile, Mr Chris Olakpe, the Chief Executive Officer of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), said that erring motorists and motorcycles impounded would pay between N10, 000 and N100, 00.

According to him, articulated vehicles would be fined N50, 000 for wilful obstruction, while cars and motorcycles would pay N20, 000 and N10, 000 respectively.

Olakpe added that towing, cars and motorcycles attracted a fee of N10, 000, while articulated vehicles and trailer loaded with fuel would pay N100, 000 and a lorry without cargo would pay N50, 000.

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