No Nigeria Political Parties Has Internal Democratic Practice –Falana

Lawyer and human right crusader Femi Falana SAN, has criticised the structure of Nigerian political parties, saying it is devoid of internal democratic practice.

Mr Falana said political parties do not come back to the electorate after they had won an election.

“Members read about development in the parties like you and I.

“Since the election was concluded, which of the parties have drawn the people together to explain their policies and ideas to the electorates.

“Until four years’ time, you will see them again. If you are talking about a political party that has an organic link with the people – policies of government are explained to the people and they are mobilised to take their destinies in the hands.

“But this top bottom approach to politics and development cannot move any nation forward,” he said.

He expressed the view that Nigerian political parties run a system whereby politicians do not place a premium on the interest of the people. This, he believes, explains the disagreements in the ruling party, APC.

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Mr Falana also spoke about the controversy surrounding the 2016 budget and the purported omission of the Lagos-Calabar rail project.

He stressed that the controversy was totally unnecessary, urging the executive to come up with the budget if it was sure that the controversial Calabar-Lagos Rail Project was in the budget.

“Both arms of government should close the gaps and stop embarrassing the nation. If we cannot write a budget, if it takes you six months to write a budget, when are you going to implement it?”

He said it was okay for the President to scrutinise the budget returned to him, but pointed out that it showed that the executive do not trust the legislature.

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