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Indonesia To Issue More Nigerians Visas During Expo – Envoy

The Indonesian ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Harry Purwanto, on Monday announced his government’s plan to make its visas flexible for more Nigerians that would be attending this year’s Indonesian Trade Expo.

Harry said in Lagos that his government’s decision was to give many Nigerian businessmen and women the opportunity to deal directly with Indonesian manufacturers.

“We really want to see many Nigerians visit Indonesia to do genuine businesses.

“We do not ordinarily just issue visas to Nigerians. This is not because all Nigerians are bad, but because of some Nigerians who indulge in drug-related crimes in Indonesia.

“The only period the Indonesian government can make its visa issuance flexible for many Nigerians is now, during the Indonesian International Trade Expo.

“This is because we know that many Nigerians would want to attend the forthcoming Indonesia Trade Expo in Jakarta,” he said.

The ambassador, however, advised Nigerians to desist from the use of fake documents and impersonation, when seeking visas, adding that anyone with “genuine purpose” would be issued visa to Indonesia.

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Harry, who expressed his fondness of Nigerians, said that he had always tried to convince his government that not all Nigerians were criminals.

The ambassador said that he had also been discussing with more Indonesian companies and investors to come and harness the “enormous” business opportunities in Nigeria.

“There are some inaccurate conceptions about Nigeria by the media to the rest of the world.

“But I always tell Indonesians that Nigerians are not really as they are being reported by the media.

“I tell Indonesians that I have found Nigerians to be nicer and a friendlier people,” he added.

The 31st annual Trade Expo Indonesia will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia starting on October 12, 2016. This trade show is a 5-day event and will end on October 16, 2016.

Last year, Tradexpo Indonesia successfully attracted more than 10,000 visitors, over 1000 exhibitors and 20 forums from over 100 countries.