APC Don’t Have Value For Human Life – Fmr. Director Buhari Campaign Org.

Sequel to the heinous killings by Fulani Herdsmen in the country, former Deputy Director, Buhari Support Organization, Dr. Blessing Agbomhere, has resigned from that office and the APC because the APC administration does not have value and respect for human life.

This is even as he vows not to eat cow and its products in solidarity with the innocent citizens slaughtered daily by Fulani herdsmen in the country.

Agbomhere, the former Deputy Director Buhari Support Organization, in a statement made available to OLIKA REPORTERS ONLINE on Monday, said he resigned from that office and the APC because the APC administration does not have value and respect for human life.

Dr. Blessing Agbomhere
He, however, advised the APC to remove the broom as its logo because it has not swept any dirt since it came into power but has brought mountainous, humungous, parasitic and contaminated dirt on the lives of all Nigerians and to all institutions of government.
The statement reads in part: “It’s either it puts a jar dripping with the blood of innocent Nigerians who have been slaughtered through its negligence or put the head of a cow to show it only protect and defend ‘the cow, the cower and the coward’ but not the innocent citizens of Nigeria.

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“I shall never eat the cow or its products until the herdsmen stop these killings. To those who claim they hate these killings, it is not enough to hate these killings. We must take action to condemn these killings.

“If the cow is the reason for this massacre, let all Nigerians place a ban on the cow and STOP EATING THE COW TO STOP THIS KILLINGS. Henceforth, anyone who buys or eats a cow is sponsoring and partaking in the killing of innocent Nigerians, and by this action we are helping the APC administration which has failed in securing Nigeria and Nigerians by avoiding the cause of these killings.”

He said: “on this day 2 July, 2018, I vow not to eat the cow, suya or any food prepared with beef or buy any cow meat or its products in protest of the killings by the killer herdsmen who have chosen to kill innocent citizens of our beloved country in reverence for their cows because they place more value on the life of a cow than the life of a human generation”.

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