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Ensuring transparency in Hajj operations

Hajj is a spiritual journey of the highest order for the pilgrim. It is a very herculean and dangerous endeavour on one hand and a very rewarding venture on the other hand for the managers and operators. Any Hajj manager who assists a pilgrim to attain Hajj mabrur – accepted Hajj by Allah – is rewarded with the same as the pilgrim. This means that a Hajj manager can get as much reward as the number of pilgrims he assists to attain accepted Hajj. On the other hand, any Hajj manager who cheats a pilgrim or misdirects the pilgrim, after spending such huge human and capital resources, will receive the punishment of his act. That is why transparency is required in all the processes. Allah knows all that man conceives in the heart or does physically. All over the world, even in developed countries, there have been cases of shortcomings in Hajj from pilgrims themselves and their handlers on the other side.

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