Warning signs of alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s Disease

I want to know the warning signs of Alzheimer’s Disease because of my elderly aunt who is staying with me. Thanks.
Idris (by SMS)

At first, the first warning about Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is the loss of short-term memory. The individual may forget an appointment or the name of a new acquaintance. She may also forget where she left things, or she may leave things in odd places (for example, putting her shoes in the microwave).

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Eventually, long-term memory is impaired, and the individual may not recognise family members. The individual may turn from being social and outgoing to becoming withdrawn.

The person may also become stubborn, distrustful, angry, or depressed. Additional symptoms often accompany Alzheimer›s disease, including loss of interest in a favourite hobby or activity, a change in appetite, insomnia or sleeping too much, lack of energy, and hopelessness.

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She may also find it difficult completing routine daily tasks. Tasks that once caused no difficulty may become much more challenging. For example, a person may forget how to use a computer, drive a car, or use a microwave.

Eventually, a person may forget how to lock the door, get dressed, or bathe. Finally, she may have difficulty expressing her thoughts. It’s common for people with Alzheimer’s disease to have trouble with language.

This typically starts with difficulty finding words. Reading or writing may also be impaired in later stages of the disease. The individual might have trouble making decisions, solving problems, or planning.

Those with Alzheimer›s disease may get lost in their own neighborhood. They may also lose track of dates and time. It is always better to get such people to the doctors as soon as possible.

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