Building our economy

One conspicuous disaster looming over Nigeria and perhaps Africa is the sheer crave and craze for wastefulness and riotous living. From time immemorial, we have consistently and wilfully imbibed a lifestyle of careless attitude sequentially leading to a culture of indolence and ultimately, a destiny designed for disaster. Worse still, we have become blind and lost in our meaningless reverie and senseless euphoria that we don’t even realise the stark reality of this ugly phenomenon. Our political scene has become a circus of amusement for many international observers and our leaders, laughable clowns making a fool of themselves in the squabble for power.

Statistics reveal Nigeria as one of the highest importers of tomato paste in the world, a commodity which abounds on our farmlands yet due to the sheer lack of industry, we are at the mercy of foreign exportation. We have made ourselves into a state that produces nothing but imports everything. How demeaning and preposterous considering the innumerable natural resources at our disposal left unharnessed. Indeed, it’s a slap on our face.

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In a country where majority of her citizens live below the poverty level, we have a presidential villa with more presidential aircraft at the beck and call of an ailing president even than that owned by the white house in the USA. Tell me, what more spending could be characterized by insanity than this. In a country where we have miscreants masquerading and loafing around as legislators in our National Assembly yet demanding for unimaginable allowances for every kind.

If we are to break free from the cycle of recession and lack, we must put a drastic end to this psychotic movement of wasting what we do not have. We must instil the culture of servant leadership into the core of our values for governance, enough of the noisome feasting and merriments, enough of the needless breaks and holidays. If my humble submissions and findings are not too far from the truth, then our economy is not just on the verge of collapse, it is on the precipice of disintegration and the earlier we wake up to this call, the better for us all.

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