2019: Why Christians must join politics

Apostle Caleb Oluwakayode is the founder and General Overseer of Revelation of Christ Chapel International, Ibadan, Oyo State. In this interview with OLAIDE SOKOYA, he speaks on what God revealed to him concerning Nigeria.

How I was called

When God called me into the work of the ministry, he gave me assignments. He said He called me to prepare people for his second coming. In our church, we place more emphases on raising people for Christ. In other words people can call it discipleship. But the distinction is that ours is a church that believes so much in the second coming of Jesus Christ and we are working towards His second coming.

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It is not good to make the church forgetful. If I use the word “church,” I mean believers. So, it is not good to make them forgetful. Because the Bible talks about forgetful hearers and it is not good. And this responsibility falls much on the ministers of the Gospel. They are the ones to help the church. But when the minister of the Gospel lacks the revelation, they won’t be able to do as God wanted them to do. So, the major message in the word of the Lord is salvation and the Kingdom of Christ. Anything outside that is not the will of God. So, the preaching of prosperity is part of the kingdom, because it constitutes part of our inheritance. But, the message of rapture and salvation is needed in the church. However, if we’re preaching that without preaching prosperity, it is not balance. So, for us to strike a balance, we must preach salvation and prosperity because when the Church lacks financial capacity, it will suffer, and the burden will be on the man of God. It’s not good to emphasise prosperity, but we have to preach the core message that was given to us, which is about salvation and making it to the Kingdom of God.

The Church and social vices

The truth of the matter is that without church, Nigeria might have collapsed. Without mosques, Nigeria might have collapsed. One of the reasons I said that is that I was in a particular country; they do not allow Christian evangelism. And up till now, the country is in a serious chaos. They can’t survive it. Church is playing its role of preparing people to live well; the church is to help the society reduce crime and other atrocities. But, when the church loses focus in what it is supposed to do, surely, crime rate will increase. In one way or the other, the Church still influences the society for good, though, we can’t do it alone. There is no society without crime; once the devil himself is in the world, we will be having crisis. Once the still exists, there will be crises. But, the Church must play its role in reducing crime and crisis wherever we find ourselves.

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Christianity and politics

I support Christians going unto polities because, the Bible says, righteousness exalts a nation. Now, who are the righteous? They are Christians. And if righteousness is to exalt a nation, Christians must be involved in governance. Some people claim that politics is dirty, however, the Bible says, “Let our light shine for people to see.” We must go there and show them the light. If some people are in darkness, we must go show them the light. It is the duty of light to end darkness. We can change this country for good. I believe so much in politics.

My vision on 2019 elections

Yes, God spoke to me about Abubakar Atiku. Before Atiku emerged as the presidential candidate of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), God told me authoritatively that Atiku is coming back; I’m not saying he’s going to win the election. But, God told me he’s coming back. And because God speaks in parts, the other part of the message is what I’ve not received. But, God told me he’s coming back to power. I was discussing this with one of my sons in Lagos and he said no, it can’t be. And I saw people that are working for him. God revealed to me, I saw certain people, they gathered together to work for him and to support him. I saw Olusegun Obasanjo, Bishop David Oyedepo, and others when they gathered together to support him; it has been established. So, I much believe in what God is saying. And I believe God to use him.

So, you are supporting Atiku to come back to power?

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I support him, because God revealed to me.

Message to Christians

My advice to all Christians is to join politics. We can’t leave it to all those that are there now. We have seen what they have done. We have seen how far they have gone. Christians that are interested in politics should join from the grassroots level. Christians also must give the message from the Lord to politicians. Some are giving false revelations, false prophecies in the name of money. We must not do that as Christians. We must tell them what the mind of God is. And we must not compromise for any reason. We should also go out to vote; we must not fold our hands. Prayer alone cannot solve it. Get your Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) and vote and you will the see change you desire. I will equally advise the government to allow God in governance. Every national decision and policy should be driven by the revelation and instructions from God. That is how we can succeed as a people.

How did you start your ministry?

The ministry started in 2006. We started in my room; then, I was combining ministerial and circular together. From the room, we moved into our compound. Thereafter, we compound we moved to an area at Challenge, in Ibadan. And from Challenge, the church has expanded to the glory of God.


The major challenge that I faced was not seeing people that can go along with your vision. When you don’t see people that can share vision, that can after your dream. That was the challenge we had then. Later, we came hail the challenge of finance, restrict you from going as much as your desire. They are making it somehow difficult for us to gain acceptability. Because when you’re to minister to the people, they may sometimes assume that one is like any of those false prophets.

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