Every true Arewa must ensure Buhari is re-elected –Zakari

The chairman Arewa community in Eti-Osa area of Lagos state, Alhaji Zakari Mohammed has charged northerners not to waver in their support for President Muhammadu Buhari, citing the fact that he has tackled Boko Haram 95 percent contrary to what obtains years back, when the insurgent group laid siege on 19 local governments in the northern parts of the country, Independent report.

According to Zakari who is also the chairman of Adamawa Youth Association, his community four years ago was under the firm grip of Boko Haram and this scuttles the economic advancement of the people but thanks to Buhari,normalcy is now restored and people have their life restored in Adamawa and many other parts of the northern parts of the state.

“Now we are saying Boko Haram this and that, before Buhari came to power, they were holding hostage 19 local governments.

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“Buhari has tackled the Boko haram issue 95 percent the remaining are barely due to those still trading with the misfortune. If I am Buhari I don’t need to campaign, the actions speaks for me,what he has done will speak for him. If Buhari has 80 million votes before now it should be double the number now. I don’t believe any Arewa person will vote for any other body but Buhari.

“I am from Adamawa like I mentioned earlier and for the past 16 years chairman of Adamawa Youths Association it is we that know Atiku very well,we know what he can do,so please we are not going to criticise Atiku but let him go and rest and let Buhari finish what he had started.

“Boko haram took over my community for two years they rule and do everything they want there but today,it is unbelievable that our farmers now goes to farm,they can sleep outside,in the house without fear of attacks,they can go to church and mosque,it is a big improvement.

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“So for that we will vote Buhari in because of security and peace.

Zakari also cited the fact that the war against insurgency has been politicized to an extent that men of the Nigerian Army, do more of business than prosecution of war against the insurgent Boko Haram.

“What I observe is that there are political interest responsible for the sustenance of the security threats in the North East, there are some people that have interest in this Boko Haram issue they have turned to business.

“We have seen it physically, you can send somebody to go and fight war and that person turns to become a business man there. You find out that it is the Army selling yam,cloth,meat in the market,they are even the ones buying things from the farms,how do you succeed in prosecuting such war when you are making money? You don’t want the war to end.”