R Kelly loses sexual abuse claim after skipping court

R&B singer, R Kelly has failed to turn up in court to hear allegations that he sexually abused a woman.

Kelly and his attorney also failed to show at a hearing the following day, in which he could have ‘vacated the ruling’

This means that the woman, whose name has not been released, won a default judgement and will return to court next month to detail Kelly’s alleged abuse in her civil suit.

Cook County Judge Moira Johnson will now have to decide how much the 52-year-old singer will have to pay the victim in damages.

The woman has alleged that she met Kelly in May 1998, when she was minor, after he pulled his car up to her as she walked down a street in Chicago.

She has alleged that on the same day an associate of Kelly met her and members of her family at a restaurant to give her Kelly’s phone number.

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The lawsuit claims that the girl was asked to come to Kelly’s studio to “be in a video that he was making”.

The ‘star struck teen’ believed she was going to be in a music video and agreed to meet Kelly.

The woman has alleged that Kelly began abusing her about a month later, with it lasting for 12 months.

She has alleged that she had sexual intercourse and performed a sex act on Kelly.

Attorneys for the woman said Kelly ignored all court summonses since the lawsuit was filed in February.

This was when Kelly was arrested and charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse against four women.

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This included this woman who won a default judgement.