Nigerians hope rests on PDP, says Wike

Nyesom Wike, the Rivers State Governor on Thursday said the hopes of Nigerians rests on the Peoples Democratic Party.

Nigerians hope rests on PDP, says WikeWike, a PDP leader, made the remark during the commissioning of the reconstructed Aker base road in his state.

“PDP is a party Nigerians want,” Wike said. “No matter all the intimidation, it will not work. We are men of character. We are people who stand by what they say. Not for pecuniary interest.

“If I was that kind of Governor . . . I know how many times people have tried to woo us. We say no, we cannot be wooed. We are here, we are here. We started with PDP, we will end up with PDP. We have no other political party to join. Because the fate of this country, the hope of Nigeria solely depends on our party.

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“When we talk about our party, it is not for selfish interest. But because we want our party to continue to give Nigerians that hope that Nigerians are looking for. So when there is any mistake, we shout out. So that Nigerians won’t lose faith because everybody is hoping that by 2023 PDP will take over the reins of power. I am not talking about this state.”