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Who Is Responsible For My Pregnancy?

With Auntie Agatha Dear Agatha,   I am 14 years of age. I got deflowered by one of my classmates during an inter-house sports competition in the school. Although it was painful in the beginning but I ended up enjoying it. Since then, it has become a routine between us. Recently, another boy came to

I’m Pregnant For My Best Friend’s Husband

With Auntie Agatha Dear Agatha, About three houses away from where I stay, there is a very secluded guesthouse where men wishing to hide their affairs come to now and then with their dates. But for the heavy traffic in the evenings to that place, nothing about the house gives the impression of

He Is No Longer The Man I Married

With Auntie Agatha Dear Agatha, I do not know what to do anymore or how I am going to handle the situation in my home. To be candid, if I say I can pinpoint what the problem is exactly between my husband and I, then I am lying. The worst thing is that