Customs boss threatens mass sack, over revenue loss at Tin Can Port

Mass sack, redeployment looms at the Tin Can Island Port Command of the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS), following threat by management to sanction those found culpable in rampant cases of system hacking at the command, leading to the loss of huge revenue by the Federal Government.

Comptroller General of the Nigeria Custom Service, Dikko Inde Abdullahi who continued his official tour of Tin Can Island Port on Wednesday, said many officers of the command may lose their jobs or be redeployed to the North by the end of August 2013. The only way out, he said, is for the command to surpass its revenue target for the this month.

He expressed disappointment at the persistent revenue leakages at the command, because some of the officers were engaging in clearing of goods and running of DTI Cafe businesses. He assured the officers that their activities are being monitored closely from the headquarters and that he is aware of all the illegalities going on at the command

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The Customs headquarters have been inundated with complains about officers giving out their passwords to agents to be used in clearing cargoes and employing camp boys to work for them, thereby exposing the system to hacking.

According to the Customs boss, such officers usually turn back to complain that their pass words were hacked by internet fraudsters.

“Those of you who have complained that your password was hacked, and your case is with Aminu Dairo, pack your belongings you are leaving this service, it means that you employ the service of camp boys,” the Customs boss thundered, showing his bitterness at the disturbing trend, that has become the trade mark of the command.

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“Those who have had hacking problem, pack your things and go to the village, get a piece of land for farming,” he added.

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