School Pupils Record Their Head Teacher And His Deputy Making Love In The Office

Head Graham Daniels, 51, and chemistry teacher Bethan Thomas, 37, face being struck off if found guilty of being overheard from outside closed door. The camera phone’s ‘sex tape’ was then put online by pupils.

A disciplinary hearing was launched into the “moans and panting” from behind the closed door in married Mr Daniel’s office. The 30-second tape was recorded on a camera phone outside the headmaster’s office and posted onto YouTube.

The school received a complaint and the tape was examined by governors and education chiefs. Both Mr Daniels and Miss Thomas resigned from 750-pupil Bryntawe Comprehensive School in Swansea, South Wales, after the tape emerged. Now both could be struck off the teaching register if found guilty of “unacceptable professional conduct” at the Cardiff disciplinary hearing of the Education Workforce Committee.

Louise Price, the presenting officer, told the hearing it was well known in the school prior to the pair’s suspension that they were in some sort of relationship.

She said: “This resulted in sexual acts being recorded on a camera phone by a pupil. This was shared with others. “This clearly unacceptable behaviour between two teaching profession on school property during educational time.” Miss Price told the hearing a girl pupil had heard the two having sex inside Mr Daniels’ office.

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