Sophia Drops Chikere’s Surname, Opens Spa

From what Box Office gathers, star actress Sophia Chikere has finally dropped her ‘Chikere’ surname. It is no longer news that her marriage to movie producer, Tchidi Chikere, has crashed and the actor has since married another actress, Nuella. Despite this, she continued to use the Chikere surname.

Sophia Chikere

Sophia Chikere

Well, we can exclusively tell you that the actress now bears Sophia Williams. Also, we learnt that the talented and sultry mother of three has launched a spa in Gbagada area of Lagos State called ‘Hair Empire.’ The business venture was floated not too long ago and from what we gathered, she has started to enjoy favourable patronages of people from all walks of life.

Since opening last week, the salon is now the hottest in the area with notable faces in the society thronging the place to get their hair done by seasoned specialists contracted by Sophia to run the business. After visiting the place Box Office acan reveal that she did sink a lot of funds into the place.

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