Allow Buhari To Concentrate On His Job – Oluwatade

Why do you think people are complaining about the slow movement of the President, Muhammadu Buhari, especially in the appointment of ministers? 

Each person has his own style and people should be proud to be different, you do not have to come into a State House today and announce Minister or Commissionership tomorrow, you should take your time because at the end of the day the little time you take before you take the first, second, third steps will pay off in the way people will appreciate your effort. If a child starts to walk at 6 months, 8 months, 1 year or 1year and 5 months all of them are going to cover roughly the same distance at the end of their life. So it does not really matter as far as I am concerned.



I read it in the paper, people are worried, maybe people who think that they should be Ministers and they are just saying, “What is all these go-slow, man pikin just dey wait since. You know, by the time they start selecting this thing they would have forgotten what I did and in fact I do not like this kind of waiting game, it can make your effort to fade”. That is what is behind it, it is not as if anybody wants to serve Nigeria like that or maybe itching to work, no he is just itching to occupy position and make the list.

The President should be left alone, if he wants to rule the country alone without Ministers he can, I think there is Civil Service, and so he should be allowed to take his time according to his plan. After all you voted, you said you voted for change, so change in method, change in approach, change in many, many things, change in diverse ways. It looked like people voted for what they are not prepared for. They voted for change but they are still looking for routine, “by now a President is suppose to”. I read where people are saying he should hit the ground running because he was elected two months before he finally entered the State House.

So, people think, especially when you look at our President that is above average age and he is unlike all these bubbling young boys and men who have not seen days, who have not seen times, they just want him to come in and say, yes my Commissioner, my Minister for this is James, my Minister for this is this and they are clapping. I think, he has seen enough clapping, he has seen enough criticism, he has seen enough whatever, so at his age there is no hurry in life, you just have to cool down and let the elder President do things like an elder, take his time to arrange everything, by the time he arranges everything you clap for him. If you do not want to clap for him you will be looking at him.

What type of cabinet would you suggest, professionals, politicians, technocrats?

Whatever type of cabinet you want, well we want people who can serve earnestly and sincerely in Truth and who will not be serving their own interest. If you are in whatever compartments, we have them, the essential thing is to give your best to your fatherland and that is it.

Are you satisfied with the way the new administration have been prosecuting the corruption agenda for the past two months?

The thing is that I would not want the President to waste his time, I do not want that thing to consume his energy so much, although it is not going to consume his energy too much because we have Departments that deal with such issues such as EFCC, ICPC, the Police, the State Security Service apparatus, there are so many organs that will help the President to work on that and fish out whatever persons they are putting their search lights on, the only thing is that they should go about it in a civilised way. The different apparatus and institutions that are pursuing the anti-corruption assignment, the President should tell them to be civilised about it, to be gentle about it, not to make too much noise with the Media and then come to apologise later or end up in the Court. They should get their facts properly go to Court once without anybody knowing, at quarter to or something, when the whole process is going on well then you can say, so, so and so person was arraigned in Court.

We want the lists to be strengthened such that even when our President has run his term and is no more there it continues; it does not depend on the President but depend on the institutions that were strengthened. It should not be labelled like he is coming to do retribution, that he is coming to do government work and if government money is in your pocket he will bring people who will bring it out of your pocket but that is not his main assignment and he should not be diverted from serving the people that is the assignment, then punish those who have taken the opportunities of the people. The Media also should be restrained by the President from using some words when you have not really established anything, it is only when the Judge of the case now talks, it is only then the Press can go into any kind of language they want but before then they should not just use anybody to sell any news.

So we should not be making noise, any small thing we will say we saw the Minister he was trying to run away from Nigeria. If a person was a former Minister in Nigeria does it mean that he just cannot move, after all, he has not been declared wanted? So such statements should be discouraged, people after serving the nation should not be ridiculed but if having found them guilty by the time the Judge pronounces it then you can say whatever you want to say.

Some people are saying this anti-corruption war should go beyond Jonathan’s administration, what is your opinion about that?

I think so because you know, the way the baton is handed over to you that is the way you are going to run, you cannot just isolate one President or one leader as the corrupt person. The government of a country is a relay race, one President hands over to the next President. Sometimes what you see before, if the person who handed over to me I see his footsteps I may be tempted to follow him. So that is it. Corruption hands over to corruption, so to say people are hearing of corruption for the first time in the previous administration and say it is as if it is unprecedented it is because they were not looking, I believe that if justice has to be done, by the time this anti-corruption fight starts in earnest presenting facts and taking inventory of those people who are not yet identified, tentacles of one episode will lead to another and lead to another and to another until everybody that are concerned are roped in either before or after, so that is how it is.

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