Oke-Anu: Still A Fount Of Miracles

Some relics of St. Orimolade

Some relics of St. Orimolade

The Eternal Sacred Order of Cherubim and Seraphim last week had a weeklong celebration in commemoration of their 90th anniversary. Part of activities was historical visit to Ikare the hometown of the founder of ESOCS, Moses Orimolade Tunolase. The  tour of historical site of the late founder, Saint Moses Orimolade Tunolase at Ikare Akoko in Ondo State  on Wednesday, 9 September, recreation of the struggle, dedication and contributions of the late founder in the early years of the church. It also chronicles St.Orimolade’s strides and divine call to take the church to all nations as exemplified in his missionary journey out of Ikare, his homeland, in 1915 to Lokoja, Jos, Zaria, Kano, Ilorin, Oshogbo until he finally arrived in Lagos in July of that year. Anthonia Duru writes on Oke-Anu the final resting place of the great prophet.

 Some relics of St. Orimolade 2Baba Aladura as he was said to be called during his days on earth was from the idol worshipping background. His father was a herbalist and a popular Masquerade known all over the town .Moses Orimolade Tunolase was born in 1878. According to oral story who is a cousin to Orimolade ,When Orimolade was in the womb he would be talking to his mother and advising him on what to do. And the mother found it difficult to deliver him , while the beads of the then Owa -Ale of Ikare was demanded to be put on the mother’s neck for her to deliver safely, still, she didn’t deliver the child. However he was eventually delivered , and the very day he was born he started walking , this caused his father to use juju  on him to avoid embarrassment .However, an epileptic woman who was being treated by the father of Moses fell on him when he had fit but that did not kill the newly baby boy as he grew up to be a very powerful preacher and miracle healer. Many mysteries are woven round Moses. He was said to have possessed a supernatural power that no one ever had. Moses was said to have been a special person with a supernatural power. He would get to where he and his group were going before anyone of them and they wondered how .Till he died nobody was able to unravel the mystery.



 At about 3.00am, on 19th October 1933, Orimolade started to pray. Prophet Agbebi and his brother Peter Omojola were with him, they had a visitation in the form of a great light in the prayer room and immediately the two of them keeping vigil with Moses Orimolade fell down.

 When they stood up and regained consciousness, behold the man they were guarding had passed away. Moses Orimolade had passed away to eternity.

Oke-Anu the final resting place of the only proclaimed saint in Nigeria has become a pilgrim ground of sort for people from different parts of the world as they often come to seek spiritual solutions.

 Before he died on October 19,1933 , it was recorded that he informed his faithful  to exhume his body forty years after his death and bury him in his home town, Ikare,Akoko in Ondo state, hence he was buried in Ojokoro, Lagos State but in 1975, the late musician I.K Dairo along with some of his followers exhumed his remains which was said to be intact without any form of decay and his cloth was whiter than snow. He was finally interred in his hometown, Ikare, Ondo State. Thus making his first resting place a big mausoleum where a statue of the Late orimolade is on the empty grave.


Statue of St. Orimolade

Statue of St. Orimolade

At Mercyland known as Oke -Anu which is in Iku in Iyometa Area, of Ikare Akoko Ondo, by the tomb is a Bible, candles, crucifix and other things while at the entrance of the mausoleum are kegs of water and other things while people come often to pray for the intercession of St. Moses Orimolade.

Here are some of the special features of Orimolade’s Mausoleum in Ikare, Ondo State

  Special Prayer Room

 There is a special room in the vicinity. The room has been kept sacred and reserved as the faithfuls visit there for special prayers. The room is divided into two, while the inner one is where some of his relics are kept. People are not allowed to enter into the ‘Power room’ aimlessly.

 Konga Mose (Moses’ Well)

 There is a well in the mansoleum known as Konga Mose, the water from this well is believed to be efficient in healing all kinds of diseases.  The well was said to have been blessed by the late founder who use it for healing all kinds of diseases. Women are not allowed to fetch it but only a male. Any female that fetches it will have her menstruation seized forever and will not conceive.

Palm Tree

 The palm tree is said to be mysterious and medicinal. It was planted by the late founder, Orimolade. The bark according to a worshipper who spoke to our reporter is highly medicinal. It cures all aliments. People come from all over the world to take from it. The palm fronds on the palm trees are different from others and you cannot get it from anywhere in the world.

 He was post – humously honoured by the Nigerian Association of Aladura churches as the Grand Commander of the Order of MELCHIZEDEK (G.C.O.M) and recognised as Aladura saint in 1992.

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