Blatter,Platini Ban: Big Lesson – Onigbinde

The former CAF and FIFA Technical Advisor, Chief Adegboye Onigbinde, has said that the eight-year ban slammed on troubled FIFA President, Sepp Blatter, and UEFA boss, Mitchel Platini, is a big lesson for everyone running football across the world, that in whatever you do, you must be transparent and careful while carrying out detailed assignments.

He noted that the investigations of the Ethics Committee on the shady payment of $2 million made to Platini by Blatter did not start yesterday and with the way things had been going it was evident that the culprits won’t go unpunished. “If FIFA could nail big personalities like Blatter and Platini who are in-house by all understanding not minding that the Ethics Committee was actually formed by Blatter, it teaches all the football federations across the world a big lesson.

And I don’t think there is anything anybody can do about it. “Despite the suspension, it’s not over yet since the United States and the Swiss governments are also involved. Blatter yesterday blamed the US government for his incarceration; I hope he is not planning to sue the US government as this would be an action in futility,” he said.

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The former Super Eagles World Cup coach noted that the suspension also spells the end of Platini’s dream of becoming the next FIFA’s president. “He is under suspension and won’t come back until after eight years. That chapter is closed at least for now. Ethics judges ruled that Blatter broke FIFA’s Code of Ethics on conflicts of interest, breach of loyalty and offering gifts.

The committee said Platini too broke rules on conflict of interest and loyalty. Both denied wrongdoing in 2011 when Platini took $US2 million of FIFA money approved by Blatter as un-contracted salary for work as a presidential adviser from 1999-2002.


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