Tokyo’s Daughter, Tawakalitu, Dragged To Court Over Alleged Infidelity

Tawakalitu Lawal, daughter of Lateef Akinsola, (a.k.a Tokyo) was on Tuesday dragged to an Igando Customary Court, a Lagos suburb by her estranged husband, Lateef Lawal, for alleged infidelity.

The complainant, Lawal, also told the court that his wife, alleged to be the 10th, was also having in her possession a substance suspected to be fetish in nature.

Tokyo was a former Chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) in Oyo State.

Lawal told the court that the union which was consummated on June 2, 2013 had produced a two-year-old daughter.

“I went out in company with my wife to her friend’s place, I left her there and went somewhere, before I returned, she had invited her boyfriend over to her friend’s house.

“There was also a day I did not have airtime in my cell phone and I asked my wife’s permission to use hers, but she was reluctant to give it to me, so I became suspicious.

“When I checked her whatsapp-application message which came in while I still had the phone, a man sent a message giving her the description of a hotel where he asked her to meet him.

“When I reported her actions to her father, he begged me,’’ Lawal said.

He alleged that Tawakalitu had a standby commercial motorcyclist that usually took her to various rendezvous.

“I am a contractor, so I’m mostly not at home. According to what I was told by our neighbours, she used to bring men into the house.

“She now sleeps in the spare room in our house because she complains about the air conditioner in our room.

“Only for me to check her wardrobe and discovered charms of all sorts and some with horns,’’ he said.

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Lateef also told the court that his wife accompanied by her sister came to their matrimonial house to abuse.

He told the court that he was in doubt of the paternity of their only daughter.

“This is because it was not up to a month that we met that her friend called to inform me that my wife was pregnant for me. My wife did not deem it fit to inform me of the development.

“In my curiosity to get the true picture of things, I asked her friend out for a relationship, when she got comfortable with me, she told me that Tawakalitu’s daughter is not mine.

“She advised me that the daughter and I should go for the DNA tests to determine the girl’s paternity and I will still do it. I cannot continue to be training another man’s child,’’ Lawal said.

The respondent, Tawakalitu, in her defence told the court in tears that her husband’s plan to marry another wife was the reason behind his malicious accusations against her.

She said that some of his relatives had told him that whenever he wanted to take another wife, he would find faults with the stale ones as his excuse.

“Is it possible for me to bring my so-called boyfriend to my friend’s house that is equally married when I know my husband is there with me?

“Even, if I am a dog I will not stoop so low to do that.

“He is a contractor, so when we got married and I kept seeing charms in the house, I did not question him because of the nature of his job,’’ she said.

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“I have pictures of his charm on my cell phone,’’ she said.

Tawakalitu said that there was a time they bought fought and Lateef told her that she had become an empty vessel.

Then, he alleged that he had used me and that I was no longer useful to him, she said.

“I also recorded it in my cell phone.’’

Tawakalitu also told the court that initially she was not sure that she was pregnant, hence she could not inform her husband.

“On the paternity of our daughter, I did not believe I was pregnant because I was in a relationship for eight years and I could not conceive for a day.

“I went for the pregnancy test in the company with one of my friends. I did not believe the result when the doctor told me that I was pregnant.

“I felt it could not have been pregnancy because I met my husband in October and I got pregnant in November.

“I did not inform my husband until I had given birth to a baby-girl, due to my past experience,’’ she said.

She also told the court that her father came to Lagos from Ibadan to resolve the misunderstandings between my husband and I.

“For six hours, my father waited but my husband did not come down to see him.

“I am his 10th wife according to what I heard.

“My father gave me a Quran to swear if truly I’m innocent of all his allegations which I did, what more should I do,’’ Tawakalitu said.

The president, Adegboyega Omilola, appealed to both parties to maintain peace.

Omilola adjourned the case to Feb. 29 for further hearing.