I Am Shy To See A Doctor

With Auntie Agatha

Dear Agatha,


I used to be sexually active until six years ago when I contracted a sexually transmitted disease (STD) from an unknown source. I didn’t even know I had it though I had my suspicions given the discomfort I was experiencing but, it wasn’t until three years ago when an ex-girlfriend told me I should go for medical check-up because I had STD that I knew for certain I had contracted the gentleman’s disease. She also told me she contracted it from me.

I was so shy to go for medical tests so I decided to go to the pharmacy where some drugs were prescribed and given me for the treatment of the disease. After some months, I started discharging yellowish semen whenever I go to the toilet to urinate. I have been buying drugs from pharmacies but to avail.

I have noticed that, I can’t last long in bed as I ejaculate as soon as I start; my erections are so weak, I can’t last for a minute.

My next plan now is to go meet herbal doctors to see if they can help me.

Please I need your advice on how to get my abilities back as a man. This thing is really affecting my relationships as I keep infecting my girlfriend when we have sex without condom

Worried Guy



Dear Worried Guy,

Are you really sure you are bothered about your viability as a man and that you do want solutions to your medical situation? Sincerely, from where I stand, I really doubt it because if you are actually desperate for solutions, you would be rushing to the hospital where there are trained and knowledgeable hands that will help you overcome this situation.

The fact that you are willing to even go to a herbal doctor rather than to an hospital after compromising your health patronizing chemists, majority of whom as untrained; underscores your unwillingness to find permanent solutions to your medical challenge.

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Without much ado, go immediately to the hospital or risk losing your viability completely as a man because some STDs can leave you completely infertile. That you are even managing to have an erection at all is a kind of miracle given the length of time you have had this disease as well as the cocktail of medications you have taken to no avail. As a matter of fact wrong usage or drugs can further amplify what ordinarily could have required a more routine drug to cure.

This is because those giving you the drugs do not even know the kind of STD you have; their recommendations are based on what they feel, given your description of what is wrong with you. Generally, all STDs begin with common symptoms before becoming precise. Furthermore, it is easier for men to detect than women, given the external nature of the male anatomy.

While a simple test would provide the doctors enough information as to your kind of disease, subjecting yourself to the unknowledgeable guesses of chemists may have clearly compounded your condition. To avoid the situation from further worsening, please go to the hospital immediately. Six years ago, it could have been cured with simple anti-biotic, but now you will certainly require more detailed examinations to ascertain the extent of the self-inflicted damage to your reproductive organ.

To waste more time consulting a herbalist is to further compromise your chances of finding the right and timely cure. The bottom line is this; you are gradually walking into sterility by yourself if you do not act now and seek proper medical help.

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Doctors are trained in various areas of life to deal with any kinds of diseases. It is the reason they study medicine and are trained to listen and offer the necessary help.

It beats my imagination how you find it easy confiding in untrained hands while you are shy to approach those whose business it is to help you get better.

Doctors do not bite. Walk into the government hospital nearest to you and free yourself from this situation as fast as you can. The reason for asking you to go to a government hospital is because of the facilities they have and given the extent of the damage you have done to yourself already. They also have the trained personnel to attend to you. You cannot afford to take chances at this precarious stage of your health.

The anger of the doctor would certainly not be because of the fact that you have contracted STD, but your decision to conceal it and allowing it to take away your life when the cure is cheap and effective.

If you cannot face a doctor on your own, you could ask your girlfriend to accompany you.

Whatever your fears are, you must urgently overcome them. If it is any help, I hear most men have had their shares of STDs. Do not be surprised if the doctor, you are going to meet had been a victim in the past. Is STD not something you men laugh over? The urgency of your situation is not whether you have it but the stage the disease has grown to inside your body.


Good luck.