Protesters Disrupt Activities At Jos Disco

Activities at the headquarters of Jos Electricity Distribution Company were disrupted on Monday as the National Union of Electricity Employees North-East stormed the company demanding recall of over 50 workers allegedly sacked by management of the company.

The union also issued 7-day ultimatum within which the Jos Electricity Distribution Company must recall the affected workers, including the Vice President, North East of the Union, who was also relieved of his services to the company.

Assistant Secretary–General of the Union Comrade Anthony J Sule who led hundreds of protesters to the headquarters of company to press home their grievances told newsmen at the gate of the company that the action of the management was a big surprise to his union given the commitment of the workers to their duties.

According to him, they have noticed salary disparity in the company and high handedness of the staff with no increment and promotion to the staff including lack of motivation.

The union’s Assistant Secretary General also alleged that the recent employment carried out by the company was out-sourced with wrong placement of staff where inexperienced and junior staff were employed and made to head the seniors, describing such action as demoralizing.

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According to him, the workers of Jos Electricity Distribution Company work throughout the week, including public holidays with no rest, and yet are given unrealistic targets in the face of black out and no working materials. In the face of these, he claims that the staff suffer threats and intimidation from the management.

He added that there were cases of workers being harassed and beaten by customers while cashiers work on weekends without compensation, wondering why uptill this moment, ladders are still being carried on shoulders by workers due to non-availability of vehicles.

Comrade Sule stated that the peaceful protest became necessary after all attempts made by the union to meet the management of the company over this ugly development failed, warning that they have given the management of the company 7 days to recall all the sacked workers and address all the issues tabled by the union on behalf of the workers of the company or else the union will be compelled to take appropriate action within the law to press home the workers demand.

All efforts made to speak with the management to get their reaction failed as no management staff could be located within the premises of the company .

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Security operatives were seen loitering within the premises to keep the peace as the union officials kept vigil at the gate waiting to see the top management of the company.