Laziness: Act fast or risk imminent revolution, IYC warns Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari

THE unbearable economic downturn of the country leading to unemployment and loss of jobs may soon usher in a revolution if President Muhammadu Buhari does not act fast, the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) has warned.

Reacting to the denigrating comment of the president on the country’s youth in a statement made available to Nigerian Tribune on Friday, President General/ President of IYC, Worldwide, Pereotubo Oweilaemi, Esq., urged him to arrest the monumental corruption ongoing under his nose.

He accused President Buhari and other past leaders for mortgaging the future of youths and making failures out of them.

The reaction by the IYC president, Oweilaemi Esq, goes thus: “The comment made by President Buhari at the Commonwealth meeting in the UK where he said Nigerian youths are lazy and uneducated is an insult to the sensibilities of the youths of this Country.

“It is not correct that Nigerian youths anywhere in the world are exhibiting that attitudes of idleness.

“The reason why the youths of this Country are leaving Nigeria in drove in search of greener pastures is because of the leadership failure engendered by past and present leaders in the saddle of authority.

“President Buhari is part of the leadership failure that has plunged this Country into the abyss of doldrums.

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“Granted that Nigerian youths are seen all over the world in search of greener pastures, that doesn’t mean that we are lazy and uneducated.

“The youths of this Country have proven to the world in different capacities, our competence and intellect in engaging various chosen endeavours.

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“In Europe, the best African footballers are youths from Nigeria. Majority of the black basketball players in America are from Nigeria.

“The best black doctors in America are youths from Nigeria. Nigerian youths are the pride of academic excellence in the UK which includes first class graduates in Harvard, Oxford and other reputable universities in Europe and America.

“President Buhari should be proud of the achievements of the Nigerian youths in foreign lands.

“Despite the self-induced economic woes occasioned by his lack of administrative competence, Nigerian youths are still making waves in the world Guinness book of record on the positive side.

“If some youths deserted the Country to be idled in foreign lands then Buhari who was once a Head of State and now a President of the Country should blame himself because he has failed this generation.

“The youths are not the cause of the unemployment and the collapse of our educational standards in the Country.

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“Successive governments in the Country have failed the youths who are supposed to be the future of this Country.

They have turned the future of the youths into danger species to this generation.

“President Buhari should act fast to save this country from the imminent revolution.

“Creating unemployment and loss of jobs in the country, while allowing those incongruous elements in his government to keep plundering the country dry of her abundance resources are the reasons why some youths deserted Nigeria.

“Buhari should be concerned about the acute corruption in his government which has been indicted by international bodies including Transparency International.

“He should stop demonizing and demarketing the Nigerian youths to the world.

“Let him tell the world the irredeemable corruption and impunity in his Government.

“Lack of probity occasioned by the administrative recklessness in his Government is the reason why Nigerian youths are leaving the Country to foreign lands in order to fend for the living.

“Let him create jobs and improve the standard of our educational system and the health care facilities so that the so-called lazy and uneducated vagabonds in the foreign countries will return to the country.”

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