25-year-old aspirant besieges APC headquarters over primaries irregularity

A 25-year-old Awgu South, Enugu State House of Assembly aspirant, Franklin Ezeugo chukwu has called on the leadership of All Progressive Congress (APC) to intervene on what he described as irregularities at the just concluded primaries where Theophilus Chukwu emerged as the candidate.

Speaking with journalists while submitting his petition at the APC National Headquarters in Abuja, Mr Chukwu alleged that no primaries was held for the Awgu South, Enugu State Constituency, instead, a candidate was imposed.

According to him, “there was no primaries, as a popular candidate that all my constituency wanted, the big men in the state put someone who is sponsored by the opposition in my place, so there was no primaries there was just a name selection, and the changed my name into the person that they released.

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“It is very obvious, we have all the video interviews of the ward executives in my constituency, they are saying that it is me who they want, we have their signatures, contesting the outcome, that they are going to steer clear of any arrangement to impose a candidate on them, because the opposition party is sponsoring these candidates to use them as moles to destroy our great party. The name of the candidate they added there is Theophilus Chukwu, and that is not the candidate the people want, I am the person the people want and the whole village is protesting and that is why we are here today”.

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Chukwu who obtained both his nomination and expression of interest form for N850,000 said he is the grand representation of Not Too Young Run, stressing that he was the popular candidate and also the person his constituency wanted.

“There was simply no primaries, there are evidence, there are signed petition and signature of all the ward members waiting on the day of the primary, there was no primary, nothing done, they just took money from the opposition to put a weak candidate there making sure that I do not come out so that I will not win, that’s what happened.

The APC leadership should please hear the cry of our people because we want to make APC a great party in Awgu South and people are interested in overturning the strong men that are bringing our party down, to put willing and right candidate there that will help our party grow from the South East”, he added.

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