Doing business without tears

BUSINESS Without Tears authored by Sunday Okpoh, managing director/chief executive of Sunniz International Agencies Ltd, has as a central theme, ‘how to engage in a progressive business as a Christian believer’. It is also a book highly recommended to all new beginners in business who need to survive in a competitive environment of business transactions in this contemporary world.

The 210-page book with a cover design depicting a village setting is a chronicle of the author’s journey from the backwoods of Enugu State and business experiences over 30 years of his sojourn in Ilorin, Kwara State. Okpoh appears to insist that if every reader digests his book well, it could deliver both newly established and old businesses from the ugly jaws of collapse.

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The author seems to say in the running narrative in the early chapters of the 10-chapter book, that he learnt the principles of due diligence in business through Biblical teachings saying: “Nothing was taken for granted. I learnt to ask why and to make sure I understood the issues about why some businesses fail while others succeed.” He added that “you need to sit at the feet of God to learn, do your homework, research the competition and test the market.”

One of the critical issues canvassed in the latter chapters of Business Without Tears is how to build a reputation for integrity and honesty in dealing with customers/clients and in the management of credit facilities and bank loans.

The author views his work as a means, not an end pointing out that when he helps others, he sees himself fulfilled and accomplished. Okpoh considers the book as a means of being socially responsible so that “we can all live much more meaningful lives as Christians and business people. The book published by Touchstone Media will be unveiled on November 24 in Ilorin, Kwara State.

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