The only significant role he played was to impregnate me; always accusing me of infidelity —Wife

A woman, Ramota Alaga, has approached Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, praying that it dissolved her four-year-old wedlock to her husband, Ibrahim Alaga.

According to Ramota, what her husband knew to do best was to beat and steal her money. The plaintiff told the court she was no longer interested going further in their marriage and therefore appealed to the court to end it and award her the right to have their only child in her care.

“My lord, my husband never told me we were going to exchange roles in the home when we got married. The only significant role he played since we got married was to get me pregnant. He has since then handed off his responsibilities in the home.

“He left no money for food and would always tell me to use my money to feed the house.

“He watched as the pregnancy was advancing but was indifferent to my needs and that of the baby we were expecting. I paid for antenatal care and was responsible for other medical needs at the hospital. I further bought our baby’s items.

“I was asked to buy an injection which cost N1, 700 which was meant to be given to aid easy delivery. Since he was present, he was expected to pay the cost. To my surprise, he brought out N1, 000 and dangled it before me and the nurses. He stated that it was all he had on him and that he was not ready to part with it. The nurses were stunned at his behavior.

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”It was my parents who came to my aid. They paid the money and also bought the necessary drugs for both the baby and I after delivery, “Ramota stated before the court.

“He took to beating me mercilessly and raining curses on me any time he met a cold kitchen. Things got worse when he started stealing my hard-earned money.

“My lord, he never ceased to accuse me of infidelity. He once came to my shop, shouting and accusing me of flirting and sleeping with other men. He created a scene and humiliated me.

“Not done, he took our only child away from me and had since constantly exposed him to hunger.

“My lord, I pray that you consider the plight of this child who is still in his tender age and hand him over to me for adequate care,” the plaintiff concluded.

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In his response, the defendant said, “She changed from being a virtuous woman she was known for to a harlot immediately we got married.

“I had come across packs of condoms in her bag on many occasions and she always had explanations to make which I never found tenable.

“She grew wings immediately she moved into my house and took to disrespecting me. She extended this behavior to my parents who decided to stay away from us to avoid more insults from her.”

Ruling after he had listened to the duo, the court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje, dissolved their union and handed over their only child to the plaintiff for proper care.

The defendant was mandated to pay the sum of N4, 000 monthly through the court as their child’s feeding allowance and be responsible for his education and health care, among other needs.

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