Is ‘Beyond Stranger Things’ coming back for season 3?

Netflix isn’t bringing back Beyond Stranger Things for season 3 in 2019. We’ll look into why that could be and we’ll also cover how you can get more Stranger Things after finishing season 3.
Cast your mind back to season 2 of Stranger Things and you may have noticed something strange after finishing all the eight episodes. A countdown clock began that took you into a new show called Beyond Stranger Things.
The aftershow which could be compared to AMC’s success in the format with its titles like Talking Bad and Talking Dead.
Hosted by Jim Rash, each episode followed the events of each episode and got opinions from the cast and crew of the show. It was added to Netflix on the same day as Stranger Things 2.
There were some great moments from the series but it also featured a fantastic remix of the theme song.

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Netflix did in recent months change the labels on Beyond Stranger Things which could’ve indicated a new season but July 4th has come and gone and there’s no sign of Beyond Stranger Things coming to Netflix.

Is ‘Beyond Stranger Things’ coming back for season 3?Why has Netflix not made Beyond Stranger Things for season 3?
When Netflix chooses to renew its shows it looks into several factors. The most important factor is how many people started watching and how many people finished the series.
It may have found that not enough people moved over to the companion show and too few completed to justify bringing it back.

Another thing to consider is the schedules. Stranger Things 3 wrapped up quite early in 2019 so could be the case that cast and crew couldn’t make it work with timings. Also, the host has multiple other projects on the go including Duck Tales and his upcoming role in Harley Quinn.

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