Bad leadership root of poverty in Oyo -Ajadi

Honourable Saeed Ajadi, the gubernatorial candidate of the Accord Party in the 2019 general election in Oyo State has promised to deploy his expertise and vision to record unprecedented growth and development for the state if he is elected as the governor in 2023.

Bad leadership root of poverty in Oyo -Ajadi


Ajadi, a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Administrators in Nigeria, made the pledge at a press conference in Ibadan last week.

Ajadi, who attributed his foray into politics to his background which allowed him to travel around the world and compare the impact of governance in various societies with Nigeria, noted that a close observer of the state of the nation, several decades after independence, Nigeria has not progressed.

“During our 2019 gubernatorial debate, I said something about gas flaring and recently the governor keyed into that. Although he wants to start it, I’ll be the one to complete it, Insha Allah. From Oyo State, we will control the South West, from the South West, we will develop Nigeria.

“Lagos State has demonstrated the ability to think through Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu through transformational leadership. He employed the best brains around,” Ajadi said, while speaking on the brand of politics he would play in Oyo State if elected as governor.

Commenting on the free education policy of the current administration in the State, he said: “If you say you are giving free education, there should be checks of why we need to bring this money or bring that money. Specify what you are trying to do for the parents. Don’t be ambiguous with education.

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“A lot of people are poor, if you are trying to help them, help them. How? If you make your education free, then you must train your teachers because even the incumbent went to government schools. So it means that the likes of Bola Ige had quality teachers, if not the best because those are government schools.

“You also have to give teachers a sense of belonging. How do you do that? Give them incentives; teachers in Oyo State henceforth have a one-bedroom, two-bedroom house. How do we do this? Direct labour. No contract. You have people that you are paying salary to. You have Engineers, Architects, even labourers. How many contract did Awolowo give out? Let people be positively engaged and there should be proper monitoring in order to ensure that they do not deviated from the objective of the engagement.

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He said that a leader is expected to govern the people to where they are supposed to be, noting that he planned to bring his expertise in renewable energy to bear in channeling waste in the state for biomass energy.

He urged President Muhammadu Buhari to engage youths and appoint 50 per cent of them into his cabinet.

“He should then give them six month parameters each. They don’t need to have any experience. This will enable tbe youths to have a sense of belonging before the president leaves,” he added.