I would rather remain single than be with a cheat -Ifu Ennada

REALITY TV star and actress, Ifu Ennada has read out the riot act on relationships insisting that men and women have equal rights.

I would rather remain single than be with a cheat -Ifu EnnadaIfu opined that while it is perceived that it is a man’s world, she would rather stay single than be in a relationship with a cheat.

“I would rather be single than be with a man who cheats for a living,” the BBnaija ex-housemate began.

Continuing, she said, “My peace of mind is paramount, nobody can make me die before my time. It’s not a man’s world.

“Some men think they are doing women a favour by marrying them, the woman is the one doing you a favour. With her money, a good sperm donor can give her a child/children and her own money will help her live her best life and if she wants as there are ways to get it digital and manual.

“This is not 1850. It’s not impossible that monogamous men are not all dead. We need to understand that women also have the ability to be unfaithful and might be better at it. It is not impossible for a man to be faithful, let’s stop this narrative that all men are cheats. Everyone gets tempted everyone can master self-control,” she noted.


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